Veterans Program

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Our Vision

To inspire positive change and empower those we serve.

What is Horses fo Heroes?

SoléAna Stables offers Horses for Heroes, a free program for active duty military service members and veterans. The goal of the program is to improve the lives of military service men and women who may have experienced injury or trauma serving in the line of duty by helping them to realize their full potential and transition to civilian life through the power of horses.

The program consists of two, 6-week phases that build upon each other. The first phase focuses on groundwork and the second on mounted riding. Throughout the program, participants will work on horsemanship skills, riding skills, and life skills.


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Research indicates that Equine Assisted Activities provide a unique opportunity for veterans to improve their holistic health & wellness and gain a sense of purpose through meaningful activity.

Participants may see improvements in the following areas...

  • Balance and postural stability 

  • Motor function 

  • Positive coping skills 

  • Quality of life 

  • Emotional self-regulation 

  • Social Functioning 

  • Exercise and leisure participation 

  • Improved relationships 

  • Reduced PTSD symptoms 

  • Reduced depression, anxiety, and hyper arousal 

  • The list goes on!... 


Services Provided

Unmounted Program

The Unmounted Program consists of 6 weekly 2-hour lessons. Participants will learn the essentials of equine handling and groundwork combined with basic horse care, basic understanding of equine psychology, and fun  exercises between the horse and handler.
The focus of the program is connection between the horse and handler. Participants will not be required to mount their horses.

Mounted Program

The Mounted Program consists of 6 weekly 2-hour lessons. After completing the Unmounted Program, participants may progress to mounted lessons if they wish to expand their understanding of horses. Mounted riding is a powerful progression from the standard dismounted approaches. Participants build on their knowledge of the horse from their groundwork, and combine that knowledge with basic horsemanship, essential riding skills, fun games, and special exercises to challenge their skills.

How to Get Involved

Requirements for active duty service members and veterans receiving services:
  • DD214, military ID, Veteran ID Card, or Driver’s license

  • Evaluation by SoléAna Stables staff

  • Completion of participant package and application

  • Physician release



  • Volunteers are the backbone of SoléAna Stables! 

  • Make friends with in a positive and motivating community 

  • Give back to those who have served

  • No previous experience with horses needed

Volunteers Needed For...

  • Barn activities 

  • Farm maintenance 

  • Office duties 

  • Fundraising 

  • Planning social activities and events

  • Much more!..

Contact Us

​If you are interested in learning more, volunteering, or participating in the Horses for Heroes program, please contact Executive Director, Sasha Camacho at or 713-436-6625.