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Therapeutic Riding

Equine-Assisted Services

Through the broad spectrum of Equine-Assisted Services individuals can experience countless rewards, providing our Riders an opportunity to live their best lives.  

Therapeutic or Adaptive Riding

Therapeutic or Adaptive Riding is just one Equine-assisted Service that utilizes an equine as a way to achieve goals that enhance the physical, emotional, intellectual/cognitive, and social well-being of people with special needs. 


Therapeutic or Adaptive Riding focuses on increasing individual riding skills while gaining a therapeutic benefit. The team at SoléAna Stables works closely with parents/caregivers, teachers, therapists and school administrators to set appropriate goals for each Rider. Our Instructors, along with the support of our skilled Volunteers and Equine, encourage Riders to safely try new things and attain new goals.


All Riders are evaluated prior to entry into our program to ensure that we are able to meet their specific needs. Once in the program, Riders’ goals are frequently reevaluated & adjusted to ensure continued progress. All group lessons are provided in a safe, outdoor environment and led by Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.) Certified Instructors who create a wide variety of games and exercises designed with the individual’s goals and learning style in mind. 

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