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What Medical Professionals Say

Equine-assisted activities “are clearly a viable intervention option for participants with impairments in balance, gross and fine motor function, gait, spasticity and coordination.”

University of Ioannina, Greece

Published in the American Journal of Physical
Medicine & Rehabilitation

"Such activities help build patients’ self-confidence, encourage independence, and increase physical activity and mobility." 

Dr. Lisa Ipp

Chief of Pediatric Medicine at
Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS)

"The benefits include improvements in posture, muscle tone, balance, strength, and gait patterns,…Sometimes the children are nervous at first, but once they get on a horse and ride, they love it and feel a huge sense of accomplishment. And it’s great for them to be outdoors."

Michelle Yang

Pediatric Physical Therapist in the Pediatric
Rehabilitation Department at HSS.

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