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SoléAna Stables Program Focus

Every individual has a unique & specific therapeutic need.  Maximizing an individual’s potential requires a flexible program experience. The therapy regiment utilized at SoléAna Stables is not only developed specifically to meet the individual’s needs, but is also founded on PATH Intl training protocols. By identifying and fulfilling each Rider’s specific needs, SoléAna Stables is uniquely qualified to maximize the potential of each individual. 


The programs at SoléAna Stables are led by PATH Intl. Certified Instructors who are supported by our amazing team of horses and dedicated volunteers. Our staff is committed to fostering confidence and providing an overall sense of accomplishment that encourages higher levels of independence.

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How to Become a Rider

Step 1

Fill out the

Rider Inquiry Form 

on the

New Rider Page

to get on the waiting list.

Step 2

We will email you the remaining forms when a spot opens up.

Step 3

Schedule your Rider Evaluation.

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