Ella Conrad

Ella joined the SoléAna Stables Board of Directors in 2021. She is the proud mother of twin daughters, Kristyn and Kirstyn. Ella works as a Healthcare Compliance, Risk, and Quality Management professional who investigates reports of wrongdoing; identifies gaps in processes that could negatively impact an organization’s brand/trademark or financial well-being; and ensures that team members are cared for in a fair and consistent manner that provides a positive and productive work environment. She is also a certified Nonprofit Board Consultant who has helped many local and national nonprofit Boards better meet their ongoing need for governance training, and provides tools needed to address important and sometimes tough conversations that happen in the Boardroom. She brings a lifelong passion for horses and strong altruistic belief that to be truly happy, one must do what they can, when they can, while they can, to make the world a better place.