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About Us


In 2008 our founders Andrew and Sasha Camacho were blessed with a beautiful little girl, Solana Gracia, who was born with Down syndrome.  In March 2014, after several years of trying unsuccessfully to find a therapeutic riding program within their community that offered encouragement, growth, and inspiration while providing consistency in lessons, Andrew had a dream: to start a non-profit therapeutic riding program that would benefit ALL individuals with special needs.

​He envisioned a place where families could gather without judgment or ridicule, a program where those that felt lost could start to feel a glimmer of hope again and where every individual was accepted for who they are with compassion and love.

That dream catapulted both Andy and Sasha into an area that they did not have much expertise in. During the next 2 years they spent countless hours volunteering at other therapeutic riding facilities, speaking to Riding Instructors, Program Managers, Executive Directors on the best practices needed to run a premier program.

​In July 2016 they welcomed 11 riders into their program. Today, that program serves 30 individuals with special needs and continues to have an ever growing wait list - showing the continued need for this program in their community.

Through Solana they have a renewed sense of compassion, understanding, unconditional love and most importantly the importance of service.  While their daughter was the initial inspiration, it was the realization that SoléAna Stables would also touch the lives of countless other individuals with special needs that encouraged them to keep the dream alive.

​Our founders, along with the Board of Directors and Volunteers, are determined to make SoléAna Stables a place where families can feel accepted and not judged, loved not forgotten, encouraged not disheartened.

Meet our Founders

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